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Kingston City Projects and Construction Page

Projects & Construction

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Fight for a safe home

“This is just a part of the larger fight for migrant justice. Immigrants on both sides of the border are routinely denied immigration status, forced into precarious work, and denied access to essential services. Stay tuned for upcoming actions to make our communities safe for all people, regardless of immigration status. Visit http://www.nooneisillegal.org to learn more and join our movement.”

via Tell Trudeau: Welcome Those Fleeing Violence and Deportation Under Trump | Leadnow.ca

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Barbara Meneley at Modern Fuel: “Unmapping the Last Best West”

“The works in Unmapping the Last Best West focus on cartographic representation and embodied relationships to land. Typically seen as scientific, objective, and absolute, in reality cartographic representation is anything but. A cartographer is tasked with communicating visual information, synthesizing a variety of source material to visually support the communication of a specific idea. Someone decides how some place should be represented and the cartographer makes it so. I know something about this—cartography was my profession for twenty years, and every map I drew was fiction.” `modernfuel website

via Barbara Meneley: Unmapping the Last Best West | Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre

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Liberals imposed gag order on officials over fighter jets – Macleans.ca

OTTAWA – More than 200 federal civil servants involved in replacing Canada’s aging fighter jet fleet have been forced to swear they will not discuss the project for the rest of their lives.
Revelations of the “lifetime” non-disclosure agreements come as the government prepares to start negotiations with U.S. aerospace giant Boeing to purchase 18 Super Hornets.

via Liberals imposed gag order on officials over fighter jets – Macleans.ca1448400018785

why might a lifetime gag order be a health issue for Canadian officials who are writing and imposing the order?


What is a gag order?

When can you break a gag order?


Whose human rights are being violated here?  The Canadian publics right to have a far and frank discussion with each other about their past and future vision for the world. Everyone has agreed that Canada will have to pay for some of the weapons of mass destruction.

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Truth and Reconciliation Report can be listened to and read online!

This is a fantastic video project started by Erica Violet Lee, a Nēhiyaw woman in Saskatoon, Zoe Todd, a Métis writer in Edmonton, and Joseph Paul Murdoch-Flowers, an Inuk man in Iqaluit. You can watch others read sections of the Summary.

via Get the Report | The TRC Reading Challenge

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Documentation and Accommodations for Future & New disabled Students Queen’s

Hey everyone! welcome back. If you’re looking for the deets on accessibility while you live, work, or visit at queen’s you can read my analysis and recommendations here or on my other blog called disabilityheard. My name is fitch and i do the disability news from inside kingston ontario turtle island.  it’s still early and i’m figuring things out as i write. My current work project is to begin a disability studies program at queens and a disability film institute in the old blockbuster on queen street. Thats the five year plan in a nutshell. Letting you know i am currently here and if you need the university to do something for you there is a rather uncomfortable and invasive practice of having to get a doctor explain your needs byway of a note. Yes, thats right you will be infantilized by the university that you have already been accepted into . (you even have to pay for the note. doctors are doing overtime writing notes to institutions on behalf of disabled students. And that is discriminatory. And alienating.) But you are already a supercrip. you have already managed a series of hurdles that other students won’t have to worry about or may never ever have to think about.  So i congratulate you on your persistence and amazing support networks you already have. (although just a warning –i think that the new system will multiply people’s anxiety and learning stress rather than reducing and managing symptoms of school. Ugh.) But we are here now. Lets see if we can carve out a little more safe space for us to hang out together and learn from each other.
Here is just a small bit of what is written on the QSAS (Queen’s Student Accommodation service) intro page. Sorry you are going to be responsible for educating a lot of people. That’s just how it is at queens right now. But I hope we are making progress. The website requests that you “Please inform your advisor if there are any changes to your program or disability that require updating your academic accommodations. [it goes on to state] Changes due to disability may require supporting documentation. As always, your documentation must come from a registered health care professional experienced in the field of the student’s disability. There are different requirements for documentation depending on the nature of your disability.” I can not even read this without experiencing some shit. Anyway it’s not simple but it is an amazing thing to find your tribe. Look well my friends.

Plus Queen’s accessibilityhub’s twitter account is always worthwhile place to look for help if you are feeling isolated and alone. Which i believe will be inevitable based on the current policy.

I’m working on a critique and analysis of the system of accommodations rather than a system of accessibility.

If you are a student with disability here is  one of the link you will need if you are going to figure it out.

Accessibility Hub tweets from Stauffer library accessible spaces designed around the unique needs of disabled students.