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How to fight neoliberalism without giving way to despair |

Right after I read  How to fight neoliberalism without giving way to despair | I will link this to my life.


Neoliberalism is a term that takes in all the ways that our attention is fractured in the everyday life to life moments we try to understand ourselves through. Often we are not aware of how systemic and networked these procedural imperatives are linked to our rights. The bedrock of the new liberalism where every action is ladled with borders and boundaries over which you my or may not pass with all kinds of privileges or denials of privilege. etc. I’ll link what wiki says about it. But don’t take my word yet. First, just think about all the layers of protection you must put on to go out each day to be with others. To go work at a job or to fill your days with things that are meaningful enough to let you want to go on tomorrow.  Neoliberalism use to have a dash after neo but its not new its something that has come hand and glove in the nationstates that emerged and depended on settlers to occupy lands that had belonged to another culture and people. -Fitch

“What if I start a revolution of my own?” Lily remarked casually.

She was sitting in the grass by the water in Flora McDonnell Park playing Pokemon go in confederation basin.

“Oh ya” replied Fitch. “That seems like a good idea.”

Fitch used they and them for pronouns.

Lily gazed at her screen and the park grew animated for a moment. Everyone was engaged together making the space feel like something new.

Lily caught her superpowerful pokey. and looked up. Lisa asked her what she got. And it sounded strangely helpful.

Fitch has been filling her head with new ideas about how to understand thier human rights and how these are being roled back and how its hurting us and so many others.

Fitch was a bridgeguard. Their only job was to watch the bridge and make art.

Lily stretched. You know, its a civic holiday. Our city hall should be open. We should be meeting in there too! Having gab sessions in every room. talking about what is happening in our lives! Citizenship, access to a fulfilling life, and the means  the access we need. They want to talk forcefully with clear eyes about just what kind of utopian experiment we want to continue with and they are convinced rights legislation obligations of city states are at the forefront of this battleground. Which I think Kingston has to account for. There are varying and various stats of governance and government that need understanding altogether. To push back against neoliberalism is to see some parts of it. One of that is how rights are being repealed at state levels in the US but at City and national levels in Canada. This is the task of autoethnography. To speak about what is happening in our everyday experiences. I’ts a research project and a reporting junction. That is not simply writing but changing the culture you write about in the act. Well that is the philosophy she has lived by.  Honing her communication’s abilities in her art and academic career. And she felt in the moment that Hillary Clinton broke the glass ceiling for women, she realized her own denials of her potential. And she could see it in the faces of the women analysts as they tried to hold it together as they processed what they could begin to say. The ablest ideology that i turn inward towards the identity i feel linked to. The identity that clearly she did not exist in. She had skills, vision and an abiding sense of duty to … what? That was the question. What the hell was driving her? Oh of course disability. She finally finally saw her disability clearly. And that is how it feels to break glass!

Suddenly all the despair Lily had know flooded her and weighed her down. Lisa shifted in her seat too and closed her computer.

“Nap time” they smiled at each other.


Fitch figured a sudden brush with death changes everything that matters. 🙂  I’ts a shock to see what you have and what you might loose. But surviving that potential ending is a mark you bear. one that never really goes. They thought obsessively about how everything goes back to the first time you remember being hurt. The first time you hurt someone else and the two things are tied together through the conditioning and haze of educations that overlap you. In one way you can see how you never stop falling, after the first time I hurt.












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