Dentist visit

So today I have a dentist appointment. God I hate the dentist. My angzxiety is really high. I’m nearly 30 minutes early and I’m booked for a cleaning. About an hour. I want to cancel. I want to not go in. Tell them I can’t wait here. But instead I’m spending my time writing. On thin is that I use a mobility scooter. So getting into the dentist chair is annoying because it’s not designed for people who have disability. No grab bars. All medical services lack a disability centric knowledge  it’s ableism I’m responding to. The idea of being able body is imbedded. From the street to the entrance to the waiting room to the dentist chair. To waiting for the dentist to sitting still while someone tucks around in you private places. Inside your mouth. Ugh. I’d just rather not. God still fifteen minutes till I can go in.


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