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This well articulates the brutal, genocidal history of Congo and King Leopold’s rule where he Kill Ten Million Africans and he and his enslavment of the people of Congo isn’t talked about in American schools where he isn’t lined up with the likes of ‘Hitler’. But Leopold’s –Belgum’s reign is still a part of the reality of the military industrial medical capitalist theft of African wellbeing and thriving lives. The article unpacks how education in America is in effect seeking a different goal than education. For starters, “Mark Twain wrote a satire about Leopold called “King Leopold’s soliloquy; a defense of his Congo rule“, where he mocked the King’s defense of his reign of terror, largely through Leopold’s own words. It’s 49 pages long. Mark Twain is a popular author for American public schools. But like most political authors, we will often read some of their least political writings or read them without learning why the author wrote them (Orwell’s Animal Farm for example serves to re-inforce American anti-Socialist propaganda, but Orwell was an anti-capitalist revolutionary of a different kind – this is never pointed out). We can read about Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer, but King Leopold’s Soliloquy isn’t on the reading list. This isn’t by accident. Reading lists are created by boards of education in order to prepare students to follow orders and endure boredom well. From the point of view of the Education Department, Africans have no history.”

via When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’


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