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The Screening Room – Kingston’s Independent Movie Theatre

Here is the link to  The Screening Room – Kingston’s Independent Movie Theatre. The screening room is a vibrant cultural gem at the centre of our fair city. I’ts a colloquial sentiment to express all the feels on this,  but clearly Wendy Hout is a positive force (sorry about the words not being well enough put together to really understand the kind of labour that goes into a project like hers. It is Her leadership and curation that have knitted many different people together through cinema. And that is why we need this super local venue to be accessible to all who are in the culture. Actually that is not that big an ask considering all the building that is going on in the city to serve a pretty opulent group of ablebodied with money to spend on entertainment. The screening room is something more. Something strong like the heartbeat of your soul. Where you live.

Reporting the disability news from 320 queenstreet kingston ontario turtle island

at the centre


yours in the struggle,



sound rak



tec support





sound editors

camera lens operators

post production



documentary coalition






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