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Contact Us – City of Kingston

I’ve been directed here to post barrier reports that i experience in kingston in order to get access to many of the stores in the downtown

And so i am filing this #barrierreport at the  Contact Us – City of Kingston website.

Anyone wishing to assist in compiling a comprehensive listing of all the un-accessible spaces in kingston can post them on their instagram or tweeder feeds (ha) using #tag #barrierreport #ygk and if you add in #disabilityheard i can compile them into a comprehensive report on what kinds of legislation changes are needed to make these fixes, routine. If that is the right term. I think it might be. routine is something built into the institutional structures so matter of factly that it’s like, or as if, they just occured on their own accord. But we know that many many people have been working overtime to get these legislative changes at all levels of government. We have stories to tell each other and disability is one our deepest desires. Let me restait. Cripculture is a spectacular and severely disabled form. We need to grow it into the everyday. And that is one of my passions. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the journey.

Yours in art,

~fitch elron


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