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Follow the Big Money in B.C. Politics

The kind of politics where money flows but is untraceable is over. (everything is online) (everything). Yet all the in practice political systems remain stubbornly in place. Even so it is only a matter of waking up and,” Citizens are overwhelmingly opposed to Big Money in provincial politics, with 86 per cent of British Columbians supporting a complete ban on corporate and union political donations – like we have at the federal level.
Yet millions of dollars continue to pour into B.C. elections from real estate developers, foreign oil & gas companies, construction unions, trophy hunters and more. Many of these donations are anonymous, hidden or otherwise untraceable.”

2015-09-14 02.41.40I mean we know it’s not just a problem in the provinces.  BC’s issue is colonialism and it’s global. Secret unspoken norms exist and are triggered whenever someone tries to raise questions about how things work. Media reports from different petition sites are showing up in my inbox saying that Canada’s main minister is heading for a trip to China where he will negotiate a money for land and the canadian substrate will be promised to a small group of mandarins. The exchange or treaty or whatever its called. Deal, is a practical and secret pressure China exerts in order to control water. While the act of extracting oil is still a dinosaur tarpit sized problem the environmental good policy would have made plans for the clean up. Lots of work there. Instead, sadly, looks like Trudeau will prime the oil sands to start up again. That’s crazy. All the work done on the ground must lead to transparency in this negotiation. And we all need to be paying attention.

I’m calling for a general strike in september. A global work slowdown where we get together and talk. I know that’s a great privilege to have a voice and i hope to help raise these community conversations in solidarity with Standing Rock and all the other grass roots.

That’s what we can do here. Learn how to open the books and share just how tangled we are in a gigantic ponzi scheme with kinder-morgan and monsanto at the top.

You won’t believe the program they are working on.

Because the pressure is high right now. With nestle working hard to get ahold of the water pipes in municipalities and cities – with great success. The water that flow through it all must be protected as a human right.  We need stay work. And for those still sleeping. Get woke.

Indigenous people are running into so many barriers to their enfranchisement and culture because the system was designed that way.

Across the globe and at the UN general assembly there is rights based treaty rights and the two row wampum belt is also a human right to be protected in the new laws. The time for honor at the level of indigenous rights has never been part of the plan. But the tides are up and things are flowing. The river remembers its bed no matter how many suburbs have tried to stop it and fill it in.  At the core, if Canada is to continue it must take down the borders it maintains by blocking indigenous freedom to move across the continent as they have always done.   We are saying no to this China deal and Canada needs to recognize that and step back from making secret exchanges. This must be traceable.

Funding Forensics anyone?

yours in the struggle,

~fitch elron

reporting for #disabilityheard

Kingston Ontario Canada

in Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory



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