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Here is the list of Monsanto Board Members.

I would like to ask Monsanto Board of Directors three questions in a long format interview. These include: What is your philosophy of the present?  How do you make decisions for the future? and When did you first see yourself as a world leader?

I’m just learning how to report news and its a whole lot of research and idea development tied to a desire to understand, as well as I can, the current moment to moment news in the struggle to end war, and make disability a protected identity with rights to jobs in all industries from vet techs to doctors to artist and architects, urban developers, and Professors making disability a lens through which everyone can become who they are without barriers.

I’ts an ableist world. In it we become disempowered and thrown off. So we need to create and open new space. I’ts a constant battle too because ableism is neo liberalism by another name.

That said, I’m not ready to throw in the towel. In fact we are just getting going.




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