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Disability News

320 queen street

Do i seriously think what the world needs now is a disability film institute network? yes i do.

I think it’s time, for there to be disability film and media studios around the globe. They need to be accessible in all kinds of ways. Open to the public and the pride of disability culture and production.

And there it is, my dreams.

So my dream includes a media stream of the things i am thinking about and the conversations i am part of building. That’s the context of my scholarship and art practice. As a filmmaker i’ve been battling for access to the institutions that teach film. But i’m still on the far outside. Oh well. Back to work. The work i do includes amplifying the reach of actual news and the context of the battle for Standing Rock. News streams that are reporting what is happening come to me via internet and local organizers. But mostly the internet.

Who is being violent and where their funding comes from is a key indicator of the temperature and actual will behind the scenes. If we can look from that side of things and be in the room with the board members talking, then anyone or all of us can and should take those funders to task in different ways. Research is one way. If we have no idea what is compelling the harshness of the push into Standing Rock we can continue to unravel and then understand how vital it is to the survival of people everywhere. Survivors are the canaries in the coal mine. They that live down in the mine till they died of poison, so the workers could be warned to leave the toxic place. Actually i don’t know how the miners actually worked or if any company actually did this to canaries. But i’ve heard about it in stories. So people get the metaphor. Canaries are disposable, biopolitical fodder for an industry that has been very difficult and polluting since inception. So that is not new. And they have been winning at this war for a very long time indeed.





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