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Kinder Morgan – Canada

Kinder Morgan Canada operates a number of pipeline systems and terminal facilities including the Trans Mountain pipeline, the Cochin pipeline, the Puget Sound and the Trans Mountain Jet Fuel pipelines, the Westridge marine and Vancouver Wharves terminals in British Columbia as well as various terminal and crude oil loading facilities in Edmonton, Alberta.

Trans Mountain currently transports approximately 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil and refined petroleum from the oil sands in Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia and Washington state. We are pursuing a proposed $5.4 billion expansion of Trans Mountain, which would increase capacity to 890,000 bpd. Canadian producers and oil marketing companies have signed firm contracts supporting the project for approximately 708,000 bpd. Pending regulatory approvals, we expect the expanded pipeline to be completed in 2019.

via Kinder Morgan – Canada


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