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Connecting the Dots: design, heritage, and the art of saving the past.

via City finds buyer for old broom factory | The Kingston Whig-Standard

City of Kingston has been out looking for an architect to redesign the old broom factory which recently narrowly escaped being torn down. Yay, for Laura Murray and others for dedication to heritage. I agree it needed saving. At first i was annoyed because the heritage committee seemed out to make access to new spaces a crap shoot shit show if the building was acclaimed under the heritage rubric. Especially regarding not allowing business to put ramps in.This is a very sore spot. A claim made by several businesses that are established along the perimeter of market square is that the city would not let them put a ramp in. Weird, right? Well the effect is palpable.  It screams out to us, disability not welcome.

In sharp contrast, there is knowledge of what access might look like at the Kingston City Hall. The new heritage room is disability friendly design. room to manoeuvre if you use a mobility device. low counters. chairs to sit in. it’s up to standard in the heritage room. Weird. Right? So there is something else going on at city hall producing new exclusion over and over in historical path dependant ways. and it’s in the administration. We are invited after the admin already has a running start. well, i’ve been trying to get up to speed to understand and participate. to be ready. as they say. that is art.

So anyway back to the broom factory. While i was deep in the writing process of my dissertation and really overshooting the mark in leaps and bounds there was a coordinated community effort to protect the space ! yay.

I’ve been busy, super busy, immersed in the rarefied air, finishing my Phd in Cultural studies in May 2016.  now i’m thinking up art ideas and studying the ground on queen and princess street which is my disability news beat. here is a reason to go read a #disabilityheard news report on accessibility, politics, policy, and the interwebs we weeve. In all of this spattle and proposal making access to the business of proposal writing is key. without access, we, everyone not being represented is left feeling attacked and left out. this includes people with disability from all different places within the city and all levels of institutionalization. from the locked up patients with alltimers to homeless. prisoners bared in or walled up. and individuals living solitary. and alone.  And that’s not how we want things to be. I’m not saying you can’t be alone. I am saying you need to have access to society to thrive. and that it denied us more often than ablebodied people are aware of or sometimes willing to acknowledge.

but i’ve just got this notice about thee old broom factory being bought by a Toronto Company, RAW Design Inc. for $1 and i want to know more. Don’t you? Who are they and how did they become the proposal for redoing the broom factory?

Why didn’t i know about the $1 pricetag? 🙂 That is weird. Why is it so? Right? i’ts an odd thing to do.

so i think i should go to the meeting tuesday. if its already started then that really sucks. i’d like to go. or stream it. that would be cool. 🙂

I’m sitting home thinking about priorities and desires and work and jobs and film (for some reason film has become important to me.) And i just want to make TV shows full of disabled people making things. Ya? Ya. it’s a brilliant thing to do.  🙂 but i’m just being coy and modest.

the internet is turning us. as bruno latour says in his theory of the anthropocine and in a utube talk and challenge he put out on the interwebs several years ago he asked for fimic arguments for making his theory explicit. and i’ve been trying to respond. hence, all my online activity institutional thinking and resistance programming.  ive finally got here. to where i can talk to him. or respond in the media way that can help me explain my methodology. which continues as part of my embodied knowledge. a knowledge that i am trying to share and explain under the concept keyword disabilityheard. it’s a keyword for me because it allows my life, and art, and theory, and technical knowledge, military and business history and lack of access to all become my superpower. i’m on the beat. i needed to do the disability news because i couldn’t hear anyone else doing it in kingston ontario. i mean it just isn’t a thing in the mainstreem news unless it’s a fluff peace on a new MS spokesperson who isn’t even sure why she was picked to do the job of spokesperson. When she wonders if she is too young for the job i would say she is right. She should trust her instincts. Think through how she is being used. What that means. Who her words are for. Not people with MS but our loved ones. We are being pimped. We should have a big long conversation about why. And that conversation begins with why i think charities are usually awful. that they loose their way almost immediately. I mean the MS society has a walk. A walk for fuck sake. I’ts insulting.


i’m pissed.

So back to the broom factory. I’ve got this really awful feeling all the time as disability culture is shunned and shut out of all the cultural space, social space, collective places. (here i could insert a long drawn out stories of how affect builds up in the body, across a spectrum of bodies, and when we connect there are sparks, beautiful loving solidarity and community building sparks)

that’s it for now. maybe i will go to the meeting on Tuesday to argue against putting this company in charge here because it is chosen by administrators.

Sarah. would you like to chime in here?

Corrine too please?

Right. So lets talk.

For example there is a take back the night event scheduled for thursday and that takes on a whole new meaning as i realize that what i’ve been witnessing online via citizen reporting is how the american police forces across the nation lynch african americans in broad daylight on a hi-way and they even provide a helecopter tv crew to record the terror it is meant to multiply in the people who face a whitesupremisist slave owning society who enforce that endenturedness by skin colour.

i think that needs to end as obama say’s in this compelling and to the point speach. weather of not hilary can pull this off is not the question. she can’t nobody can.

but still what it you are the one. the one who speaks out and confesses to your thought crime. the crime that this was your sacrifice your narrowly missing the cultish hazing into a gang of racist police departments that developed this perverse culture bonding ritual of public lynching. this needs to stop now. police are militarized to the point that each individual officer is called to kill someone for the messenger. that’s a crime that goes in all the crevices.

But it needs to end. Armed police need to be disarmed and given communication skills. seriously. know body listening to people. just shooting and yelling acting like you have no choices.  nobody knows what the hell you are talking about. add that your whole force harbours a will to kill. you’ve got a culture of lynchings. you need some retraining programs. and some restitutions and releases and to retract the laws that prevent people who are in jail from voting. these people are going to know just how awful things really have gotten. they need a voice and we need to hear it at the poles. Listen.

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