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EnergyTransfer.com – Investor Relations – Board of Directors of the company trying to build the Dakota pipeline on First Nations land. tell energytransfere to stand down and disband.


Kelcy L. Warren Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ted Collins, Jr. Director

Michael K. Grimm Director

Marshall S. McCrea Director

James R. Perry Director

Matthew S. Ramsey Director

David K. Skidmore Director

Investor Relations
Company Overview
Frequently Asked Questions
Financial Profile
Non-GAAP Measures
News Releases
Presentations & Webcasts
SEC Filings
Corporate Governance
Audit Committee Charter
Board of Directors
Committee Composition
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Compensation Committee Charter
Contacting a Director
Corporate Governance Guidelines
Ethics for Senior Financial Officers
Partnership Agreements
K-1 Tax Information
Tax Information Related to
Mergers & Acquisitions
Information Request
Distribution Information
Susser Holdings Acquisition

via EnergyTransfer.com – Investor Relations – Board of Directors


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