#needtobeadored, accessible classrooms, anamation, art, community garden, crip culture, curb cuts, disability film institute, disability studies course material, electronic music

Union Gallery Tailings

Yesterday I visited the exhibition at the Union Gallery. Sometimes i am very tiered and looking for something different. Something new and shinny. I found the old bones of the gallery. Tiered with the weight of all the art that has hung on its walls. Breathing memories of artworks, and hope that has whispered change into the space. Altered its consistency. Fought against its cherished notion that art is something you can learn.That it is what people left to their own will-will do. That artists need mentors and teachers who are also artists. Who are also pushing hard at the skin of things. Who are ready to leap too. Who have been laying the ground and papering the way. Lets see if it is any better. Shall we?2014-06-30 16.38.24

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