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Narrative Prothesis: Disability and the Dependancy of Discource
photo of the book Narrative Prothesis: Disability and the Dependancy of Discource


Kingston City Hall
dh neon


028 copy
pen drawing of A face on a body


artist self portrait
Fitch sits on her scooter a holding a pink ukelele facing a bank of large paintings. A couch sits under them.
IMG_2487 (1)
Lisa Figge on mobility scooter
Lisa Figge on mobility scooter

2014-06-30 16.32.212014-06-30 16.41.132014-06-30 16.46.262014-06-30 17.13.482014-06-30 16.38.242014-06-30 16.22.572014-06-30 16.49.44

2014-06-30 17.04.35
image of rod puppet with orange hair and yellow body sitting slouched against a fusha background

2014-06-30 17.09.352014-06-30 17.18.262014-06-30 17.22.322014-06-30 17.23.042014-06-30 17.24.522015-09-14 02.41.402015-09-14 14.38.40

photo of water-colour painting 2016-03-30 04.00.02
duckbill is a character sketch

2016-03-30 04.07.182016-03-30 04.08.342016-03-30 23.35.462016-03-30 04.55.02disability logo concept board1MF_webcard_OnlyOnceIMG_7171IMG_7165IMG_7168IMG_7168IMG_20140915_035546IMG_20160808_132831

A paket floor with nothing on it.
Video Abstract
general strike sept 2016
the header for an imaginary event possibly the cover picture of a novel.

Dakota Access pipeline horses 1

Grief bends us into new shapes
Need To Be Adored

IMG_7139IMG_7137 (1) (1)contents of scooter basket July 2016

2016-03-30 03.58.02
pen and ink drawing of a water creature in reds, blues

img_0293img_0292I would like to randomize where my links lead within the stream of my writing, film, and

tagging material practice.


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