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Living With Accessibility Issues | Gradifying

one step too many

“Accessible housing in Kingston is in short supply. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act outlines regulations for ensuring that public spaces are accessible; however, it does not require landlords or rental agencies to provide accessible accommodations. When Lisa was searching for an apartment in Kingston for the first time last summer, her first barrier was being able to find an apartment that simply claimed to be accessible. However, although some apartment listings have a check box indicating whether or not an apartment is “accessible,” accessibility is a term that is poorly defined. For those who have not been affected by physical accessibility issues, certain aspects of a building’s infrastructure simply do not register as barriers. After confirming with landlords that there were no stairs, Lisa would often arrive to learn that there were steps, and as Lisa explained, “Even one step is enough to keep you out.” Here is a link to a video clip that Lisa recorded as part of her art practice which illustrates an issue of accessibility that is a regular part of her life.””

via Living With Accessibility Issues | Gradifying


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