stuck in #Previsualization mode?


via Previsualization – Celtx Blog

Script Writing!

Do it.

1. don’t stay stuck in #previsualization mode.Get out those index cards. Start your storyboard.

2. open a filmmaker’s contribution page to help everyone you want involved in the project find a way to participate.

3. include disability planning theory and practice.

Finally, keep on going outside, meeting up with friends. Apply for conferences. Shop story around various locations. Ask for help. Apologize for all the things you didn’t do but said you would. Reaffirm relationships.


Fitch sat at their keyboard and began to pluck out code.



Kingston Ontario Just after the flooding.

2121 stardate negative 71 years.

She stated it outright. Quoting the cinema.

“You only have to survive till 2092.” An impossible goal.

The vibrations of the charger outside in the yard fall as if it had ahold of their heart.

Difyous wondered if this is what a heart attack felt like. Would the heart valves and pumps continue? The car backed up folding gravel under it’s winter rubber. The twisting clicked quick kissing sounds and soon pulled free out onto the road.

Thank fuck, he thought. (internal presentation).




“Their room was lit low. Daysky outside hung on the graying stairs. Difyous was graying too. She was garrotted in between A bright  pink sun sunk surely behind them. Shining points eyes across dark shadows pushed them into relief. They were two hard angles.

“No argument there.” ~unreliable (yet not to be deterred) omnipotent narrator.

Everything seasoned by a very narrow view.


Point in question?

Are you who you say you are?

Character sheet.







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