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New Works

I was trying to capture the act of listening.

Stay tuned.


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solidarity and action freedom

Recipe for: Legalized Euthanasia in D.C.

via No DC Suicide

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Blog about the “Neglected” Archaeological Mystery on the World’s Largest Lake Island | RealClearScience

Lee’s timeline challenged popular theories insisting that humans didn’t reach the heart of North America until after the Laurentide Ice Sheet receded from what is now the northern United States. This glacial retreat heralded the end of the Ice Age roughly 20,000 years ago. Soon, major journals refused to publish Lee’s controversial papers on Sheguiandah, and as the discussion faded from public forums, the site itself was slowly forgotten. As Lee’s son Robert noted in 2005, “In 1987 neutral observers characterized it as ‘Canada’s most neglected major site of the past 30 years.'”

see the whole article here —->>>>  The “Neglected” Archaeological Mystery on the World’s Largest Lake Island | RealClearScience

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Contact Us – City of Kingston

Her is the link for submitting a #barrierreport to the city of kingston! This is very exciting. Actually used this a couple of times last year to get the snow cleared on the street outside my place on Queen street and division to Princess. Not sure if it helped but i felt it did. Anyway here is the link: Contact Us – City of Kingston if you need to make a #barrierreport.

At the bottom of the city accessibility page you can sign up for the accessibility newsletter. I just did it here:

Accessibility Listserv

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Before you are added to our list, you must confirm your receipt of a message now being sent to the name/address you provided, which was:

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If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact the City’s Corporate Communications group at this e-mail address:communications@cityofkingston.ca.