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Lisa Figge is an artist academic living in Kingston, Ontario. She is nearing fifty years on this planet and working through the problems her biology is presenting for her identity as woman, life partner, mother, artist, friend, student, academic, lover, pacifist, earthling, etc. For those who are curious she has Multiple Sclerosis which is the name given to the kind of things that are happening inside her body and changing everything. These things are her object of study and inform her art practice.

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Connecting the Dots: design, heritage, and the art of saving the past.

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City of Kingston has been out looking for an architect to redesign the old broom factory which recently narrowly escaped being torn down. Yay, for Laura Murray and others for dedication to heritage. I agree it needed saving. At first i was annoyed because the heritage committee seemed out to make access to new spaces a crap shoot shit show if the building was acclaimed under the heritage rubric. Especially regarding not allowing business to put ramps in.This is a very sore spot. A claim made by several businesses that are established along the perimeter of market square is that the city would not let them put a ramp in. Weird, right? Well the effect is palpable.  It screams out to us, disability not welcome.

In sharp contrast, there is knowledge of what access might look like at the Kingston City Hall. The new heritage room is disability friendly design. room to manoeuvre if you use a mobility device. low counters. chairs to sit in. it’s up to standard in the heritage room. Weird. Right? So there is something else going on at city hall producing new exclusion over and over in historical path dependant ways. and it’s in the administration. We are invited after the admin already has a running start. well, i’ve been trying to get up to speed to understand and participate. to be ready. as they say. that is art.

So anyway back to the broom factory. While i was deep in the writing process of my dissertation and really overshooting the mark in leaps and bounds there was a coordinated community effort to protect the space ! yay.

I’ve been busy, super busy, immersed in the rarefied air, finishing my Phd in Cultural studies in May 2016.  now i’m thinking up art ideas and studying the ground on queen and princess street which is my disability news beat. here is a reason to go read a #disabilityheard news report on accessibility, politics, policy, and the interwebs we weeve. In all of this spattle and proposal making access to the business of proposal writing is key. without access, we, everyone not being represented is left feeling attacked and left out. this includes people with disability from all different places within the city and all levels of institutionalization. from the locked up patients with alltimers to homeless. prisoners bared in or walled up. and individuals living solitary. and alone.  And that’s not how we want things to be. I’m not saying you can’t be alone. I am saying you need to have access to society to thrive. and that it denied us more often than ablebodied people are aware of or sometimes willing to acknowledge.

but i’ve just got this notice about thee old broom factory being bought by a Toronto Company, RAW Design Inc. for $1 and i want to know more. Don’t you? Who are they and how did they become the proposal for redoing the broom factory?

Why didn’t i know about the $1 pricetag? 🙂 That is weird. Why is it so? Right? i’ts an odd thing to do.

so i think i should go to the meeting tuesday. if its already started then that really sucks. i’d like to go. or stream it. that would be cool. 🙂

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Mierle Laderman Ukeles

So today i am sitting at my art table talking with R about my inspiration and guide Mierle Laderman Ukeles! And i realized i haven’t kept up with her. at the Brooklyn Museum: Mierle Laderman Ukeles site you can read about her current work which looks amazing. I’m going to figure out a way to go participate in some of her current projects. The schedule looks impressive and global and right for the times. Can’t believe I never thought of this before. But really, I’ve been so busy trying to figure out how to work in my disability perspective at the city of kingston as the unpaid artist in residence. Actually got a bit caught up doing the thinking about public space art and culture environment and governmentality. Anyway.

Down the garden Path.

Peace out,


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this must not stand. I was unaware this defence bill was being discussed until just now so i demand my say. if this Defense Bill Passed, it is illegal, ivThe nation state cannot give Sacred Native American Sites To Mining Company repeal and request new relationship

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