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On the day of the biggest protest march ever i was at the


via Abilities Expo | Toronto Event

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Mierle Laderman Ukeles

After child-birth in 1968, artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles became a mother/maintenance worker and fell out of the picture of the avant-garde. In a rage, she wrote the Cambridge, and the Ayalon Park in Israel. She has completed 6 work ballets with workers, trucks, barges, and hundred of tons of recyclables: in NYC, Pittsburgh, France, Holland, and Tokamachi, Japan. Recent and forthcoming exhibitions are a one person show in the Feldman Gallery Booth at the International Armory Art Fair in NYC, WACK! Art & the Feminist Revolution, at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Sharjah Biennial 8, United Arab Emirates. The unsalaried Artist In Residence in the NYC Department of Sanitation for 30 years, she is represented by Ronald Feldman Fine Arts in NYC. Often a visiting artist, she will teach at Yale in the sculpture department in 2007—2008. She has received multiple awards from the National Endowment for the Arts and the NY State Council on the Arts and support from the Guggenheim, Andy Warhol, Joan Mitchell, and Anonymous Was a Woman Foundations.

ripped right from her web site: Brooklyn Museum: Mierle Laderman Ukeles.


I’ve been inspired by her imaginative work on sanitation since first hearing in a book how she shook hands with all the sanitation workers in New Yourk city.  And I think the work still has resonance, a path well warn. There are AI’s who could use some of her guidance. And with it the potential to liberate us onec again from the grim, again.

yours in the struggle,



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Contact Us – City of Kingston

Her is the link for submitting a #barrierreport to the city of kingston! This is very exciting. Actually used this a couple of times last year to get the snow cleared on the street outside my place on Queen street and division to Princess. Not sure if it helped but i felt it did. Anyway here is the link: Contact Us – City of Kingston if you need to make a #barrierreport.

At the bottom of the city accessibility page you can sign up for the accessibility newsletter. I just did it here:

Accessibility Listserv

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If you have any questions or concerns about this process, please contact the City’s Corporate Communications group at this e-mail


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Just enabled Markdown — Support — and will be learning how to use these plan text tools as i go.

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