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Joning the conversation


Musing of a disabled artist living in downtown, Kingston, Ontario,

where one wishes, that things would work more than they do, there is room to pause and think. I know a few more of the pitfalls to making an art career.  Cautiously, it may be early to make such a claim but it seems my goals are tied to being or artist. And so I am venturing off into the wide world of grant writing. I have my work to do along this uncertain pathway. I hope you will join me sometimes to see what I’ve figured out.


I’ve been down and out with my disability for a couple of years, art production wise. Still, i power on fearce and more focused. And arguably,increasing hope and joy. Unprecedented.

This year, The Arts and Equity Project has spurred me through the winter in hopes of spring.

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Undisciplined 2011 | A Queen’s Cultural Studies Graduate Symposium

via Undisciplined 2011 | A Queen’s Cultural Studies Graduate Symposium

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https://www.instagram.com/p/BJtOU_dDIix/ disabilityheard | reporting from kingd town in ontario canada turtle island at the causeway


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I looked up Rhizome and found this blog Rhizome. It was so good that I pressed it twice without comment so i would remember to read through it and report or comment. Thus I find my reasons.

Rhy-zone (Rhy a grain?) (Zone a space a conceptual ga-rang.)


Whatever singularity.

Escape now.

Iceland Trip.