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Wind whips storms of paper and dust, rain drives east and Misstree drops a large arm sized branch. I view this drama from bed. Madonna blares into my brain from bluetooth speakers. We are all connected now, I assume.

Scooter diva
Lisa Figge on a mobility scooter

She drops another big one onto a long grey-blue bunkhouse at the back of the Sulter property. I look away to type my glance back in time to see this one slip off the bare tin roof to the ground.

I’ve been worried about Misstree for a while.  More later. Foremost on my mind, can i transplant this gift and bring her lifeforce and mystery with us into the future?

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The BC Archives has an extensive and varied collection of sound recordings, including cylinders, audio discs, tape reels, cassettes and compact discs.The collection includes almost 13,000 recordings, 75 per cent of which are described online.

via Film, Video and Sound Recordings | Royal BC Museum

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Fight for a safe home

“This is just a part of the larger fight for migrant justice. Immigrants on both sides of the border are routinely denied immigration status, forced into precarious work, and denied access to essential services. Stay tuned for upcoming actions to make our communities safe for all people, regardless of immigration status. Visit to learn more and join our movement.”

via Tell Trudeau: Welcome Those Fleeing Violence and Deportation Under Trump |

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America’s Civil War Ramping Up

“After just a few days in office, President Trump is already beginning to implement his racist, anti-immigrant agenda. He’s about to launch a major effort to hunt down and deport millions of undocumented people and asylum seekers in the US. Many went to the US to escape violence, and they could be persecuted or killed if they’re sent back to their countries of origin.”

via Tell Trudeau: Welcome Those Fleeing Violence and Deportation Under Trump |

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