Grief bends us into new shapes

Hi.  I am a PhD student working on some questions about embodiment; my own in particular.  I am not sure how much I want to say about my experience of my bodied self, just yet, except to say that I am off balance, outside of things, and sad.

That was then, this is now.

Disclaimer including my greatest reservations


I am learning to blog so things are not exactly right here. You might fond a lot of dead ends, folly over false starts and such great big expectations you will collapse in a heap… None of this can be helped. The pathways are all we have!  But hopefully either i will get my legs under me (haha ableist slur nee reclamation of legs as something to stand on.) I’m building that something to stand on and it’s a bit experimental and hopeful but probably not great. Yet, i feel it in my body like it already exists. that all the plans are in place and it will unfold.

These are MY SEEDS. My hope for you all.

:)( but finally there is nothing much at all, but —->>>>> here have a beautiful vision

all the work is beginning and already done.


yours in art,

~fitch  29th august 2016


dead ending

go outside

2016 is your time

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