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promises to Flint: accessible clean water and emergency funding

Weaver said she would be in Washington on Wednesday to lobby for federal aid. After months of Republican resistance, the Senate is moving ahead on a $10 billion water projects bill that includes $220 million in emergency funding for Flint and other communities beset by lead-contaminated water.

via Trump in Flint to address water crisis — but the mayor says he’s not welcome | Toronto Star

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My film will be called: Terse

Project List


“MSNBC, promotes the liberal politics of Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes, as well as the pro-Democratic Party comedy sketches of Saturday Night Live, broadcasts from inside Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center. The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) media conglomerate was created by General Electric, one of the biggest military contractors. GE is also part of the Rockefeller empire.

voiceover:  “I just googled Trump and Rockefellew, err *Rockefeller, and now i am familiarizing myself with a part of the story as it is unfolding today.”

“Colonialism reproduces itself. (Sylvia Wynter.)”

show some thesis documents

cut to a cover shot of Katherine Mckitric’s, book about and with Sylvia Wynter.

duckbill is a character sketch
duckbill is a character sketch

On the phone with my editor collaborators. (jane) (coreen) (drew) (jeff)

Me into the phone: “I want to understand what is happening. where the power is coming from and why everything seems cray cray.

I absorb some more pretty shitty news. The story unpacks how Rockefellers are part of the oil embargo that is happening right now. oil prices are low because …

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