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“`Update on Flint Water Crisis “`

International Day of Persons with Disabilities   December third. Mark your calendars. I am.     via Resources related to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3 December

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The BC Archives has an extensive and varied collection of sound recordings, including cylinders, audio discs, tape reels, cassettes and compact discs.The collection includes almost 13,000 recordings, 75 per cent of which are described online. via Film, Video and Sound Recordings | Royal BC Museum

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the right to survive

"A group of US citizens and Palestinian nationals is suing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and key members of US President Donald Trump’s administration for perpetrating and enabling war crimes." via Palestinians sue Trump adviser & Netanyahu for terrorism | Kia Ora Gaza

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Checking back in with …

From the desk of PhD(isabled), as they discuss their return to school,: "Today I initiated conversations with my new institutional home’s Disability Support Services.  As a disabled postgraduate researcher returning to PhD study after a previous unsuccessful attempt, I’ve been here before." by via The Adjusted PhD: What Accommodations Work(ed) For You? | PhD(isabled)