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Kingston City Projects and Construction Page

Projects & Construction via Projects & Construction - City of Kingston   check out the cities projects. comment below.  

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STEPHANIE VOZZA 02.06.17 5:20 AM writes:  "Your body clock, or circadian rhythm, governs how your body is in sync with all of life, and when you make a shift in that, there will be residual fallout," he says. "By waking up 45 minutes earlier, you proactively created at-home jet lag. If you keep pressing it… Continue reading Cardlock

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Canada does not have a Canadian’s with disability act. And it shows.

via Dear Trudeau, This Is Why We Need A Canadians With Disabilities Act | Jacki Andre

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Living With Accessibility Issues | Gradifying

"Accessible housing in Kingston is in short supply. The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act outlines regulations for ensuring that public spaces are accessible; however, it does not require landlords or rental agencies to provide accessible accommodations. When Lisa was searching for an apartment in Kingston for the first time last summer, her first barrier… Continue reading Living With Accessibility Issues | Gradifying